Culture cannot be disentangled from our lifestyle. What we wear, how we decorate our living spaces, what we listen to, the art that inspires us, and the entertainers that touch us and make us laugh are all linked to a fluid creative continuum led by brilliant minds pursuing their inner directives with vibrant authenticity. Verse Collective supports these emerging trendsetters through innovative channels and highly curated experiences. 


Verse Collective represents emerging talent in art, music, fashion and entertainment through innovative platforms and strategic programs that will grow their reach and exposure.  The company offers its artistic, groundbreaking, and strategic programming to forward-thinking companies and venues as a creative marketing hub with a broad array of services.


Verse Collective is founded by New York City-raised Rohit Anand who is currently the Director of Brand Activation and Partnerships for Dream Hotels. For the past five years, his leadership and vision has helped the brand establish key partnerships and relationships such as Morrison Hotel Gallery, Vevo, Beats By Dre, Nylon Magazine, AM Only, Fool's Gold, Playboy, Indie Walls and more.